A Winter Wilderness Experience

The Arctic Circle is a magical place. Experience a week of frontier living in the Lapland region of the far north of Sweden, h...

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holiday pictures of kayaking in scotland and abseiling in wales.

We put together easter and summer adventures to allow parents to reconnect with their kids. From dog-sledding in the Arctic Circle to following prisoner-of-war escape routes across the Pyrenees, a Kids and Me holiday offers real-life adventure that will appeal to both you and your children. We also put together bespoke adventures for families that can't make our dates !

Our holidays are ideal for single parents wanting to connect with their kids through shared experiences in amazing locations. If you are a single parent or an active dad who fancies an authentic adventure holiday with your kids, you have come to the right place.

Unlike many family activity holidays where the kids are hived off to a kids club, The Kids and Me focuses on a voyage of discovery together, leaving lasting memories that money just canít buy.

We can organise once in a lifetime experiences, from sea kayaking and ice fishing to white water rafting and rock climbing, and many more family adventures. Parents can relax knowing the family is in safe hands with our skilled instructors. Our adventure holidays also include time out for you to unwind as a family.

The Kids and Me holidays specialises in winter experiences in Sweden above the Arctic circle, and summer seascape adventures in Wales, adrenaline experiences in the Alps or fieldcraft and canoeing adventures in northern sweden. Check out our adventures and email us for more details !

If you are a single dad or mum looking to reconnect with the kids and make your holiday time count, then our adventure packages are the first step to an incredible and invaluable experience for you and your family to share.

The adventure begins here...

holiday activity pictures of rock climbing snow sledging and canoeing.